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We are a Golden loving family living in the Idaho Mountain Desert.  We take our pets seriously and raise them with lots of love, quality food and life full of fresh air and adventure.  We live on an old homestead from the 1800's with 12 acre's for our Goldens to run.   Living way out in the boonies allows us to provide our dogs the ability to live their best life. Our Breeding goal is to produce the best family dog with calm happy temperments. All of our Mama's and the Studs we breed them to are Happy, Friendly and healthy. Our Dog's are AKC and Lineage is provided with every puppy.

Why do we love Golden retrievers so much? 

Both of us grew up with cowdog's as kids. We love them dearly and still think that they are great. After we had kids we decided we needed a dog that was not as high strung. We always loved the classic look of a golden retriever. After years of waiting we finally bought our outdoorsy  kindergartener an adorable Golden that she named Winter. We had never spent so much money on a dog before, but I can honestly say she was well worth it. This puppy stole our hearts. Such a cheery, well mannered and happy dog... Naturally with no training. She was so easy going that we knew that we had to share these wonderful traits with other families. We really believe that you will never find a companion better than the Golden Retriever.

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