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We have been very blessed in meeting the most amazing families throughout our journey! Thank you to everyone who has found their best friend with us.  We appreciate you all and look foreward to years of keeping in touch!



“I couldn’t recommend Owyhee Goldens enough. It’s not every day that you find breeders who are as kind and caring as Bryan and Cass are. They made the process so enjoyable that I felt comfortable every step of the way. Atlas is truly amazing. He is sweet, smart, and always entertaining. I’m forever grateful to Owyhee Goldens for bringing Atlas into my life.”

Ashley B.

Bozeman, Montana


 I wanted to let you know when we took Sailor in for her first shots and signed her up for Petsmart’s health insurance they did a “wisdom panel” which they checked 180,000 genomes 🧬 for 190 carrier and recessive traits for all the various diseases dogs can carry...Sailor came back perfect! Not one carrier or recessive gene and her DNA is majority English field golden retriever with the rest US golden and her DNA shows her coat will remain cream and she will be about 80-100 pounds-she is a big boned polar bear pawed golden. My vet-who also owns a golden said she is the most beautiful “genetically perfect “ golden she has seen💗So great job! If you would like a copy of the wisdom panel please let me know! 

-Hiliary and Eric S. 

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We love Dolly so much 💜

She is so laid back and friendly to every dog and human she meets! She brings us treasures all day long - socks, her “babies” (toys) or anything she finds in the house that we might like- a retriever for sure!!!

We could never have dreamed of a better tempered dog - super sweet, smart, gentle, and a cuddler. We have taken her on numerous camping trips and road trips and she has been a great little traveler and adventure buddy! 

She was the perfect addition to our family and we wouldn’t trade her for the world!!

 Katie & Dryden

Portland, Oregon



Adopting Honey from Owyhee Goldens was such a positive experience. Cass and Bryan had great communication and were so helpful. I’m so happy to support breeders that care deeply about the puppies even after adoption. Very grateful for Owyhee Goldens! Just like her name, Honey is the sweetest companion. She loves others and is so friendly to every human and dog she meets! She has also been doing so well with training, she is smart and eager to learn!

Sarah C. Bend, Oregon



Maggie Mae is from is Winter's very first litter. Maggie is such a great Golden Retriever; it was so hard for us to let her go. She lives in Montana with her adorable family and has her own Instagram that you can check out here.



How can we express the love we have for Shanti and the respect, trust, and appreciation we have for Owyhee Goldens? We were welcomed like family when we chose our precious pup. I highly recommend Owyhee Goldens for a beautiful experience when choosing the newest member of your family! 


Darbi M. and Family 

Boise, Idaho



We had the most amazing experience with Owyhee Goldens. I was immediately impressed with how responsive and thorough they were when answering all of my questions. We received updates and pictures all throughout Winter's pregnancy and even the night she went into labor! We felt like we already knew Harlow so well before even bringing her home. They take wonderful care of their animals, and Harlow was spoiled and loved on every day until we got her. Harlow is the most beautiful shade of red with perfect highlights throughout her coat, we get compliments on her everywhere we go, especially from other Golden owners. She loves other dogs and cats but more than anything else, her humans. She is incredibly smart and zipped through training, the trainer said she was a little too smart for her own good, haha! We can't recommend Owyhee Goldens enough!

Amy M.

Meridian, Idaho



Rocky & Kristen Largent purchased Cooper for me to replace the Golden I lost last year to Parvo.  I was heartbroken from the loss and was very scared to get another.  I can't tell you how wrong I was. Cooper has filled that whole in my heart and we have bonded so well.  Because of the loss I have been very scared and have overprotective Cooper.  He and I both are getting a bit bored of being housebound.  He will be getting a forth vaccine next Tuesday for extra protection and to comfort me.  We will finally be able to go out and discover the world. I had two friends bring their dogs over this week to play. Cooper was super with them. He is also wonderful with the grandkids and adults who visit.  I am really looking forward to our life together. I have always wanted a Golden and Cooper meets every expectation I have had of this breed. He is beautiful, smart, friendly and truly Woman's best friend. Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful pup and making him available for me.

Mary W.

Nampa, Idaho

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